Fiona.. We did not want to say ‘Good-bye’ to you…

So this is a bit late going out, as our amazing social secretary and friend, Fiona Comerford, who kept us in line and bullied us for photos, has gone back down under to live in the sunshine and drink Castlemaine XXXX.
Fiona is the final founding member of Netball Zug to leave Switzerland and we are missing her a lot!  She has done an amazing job in building a strong, fun and sociable club that is able to continue and hopefully go from strength to strength.
Fiona was ‘the voice’ of Netball Zug.  She was the first person people contacted to join (and she was usually the loudest at training and in the pub). She was always welcoming to new members and will be greatly missed as a friend.
Take care Fiona!
Lots of love and hugs
Netball Zug

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