Umpiring Netball is all about the love of the sport and the willingness to have the game flow. The umpire controls the game and the players, without her/him there is no game. Good umpiring raises the level of play. By applying the rules the umpire assists players in their understanding of the rules in Netball, particularly obstruction and 3 second rule.

The key principles to becoming a great umpire:

  • Look at the players, not the ball
  • Look for contact away from the ball
  • Apply the advantage rule
  • Be consistent
  • Use your whistle


  • Development Courses
  1. Junior Umpiring Certificate

Course is practically based, designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of the rules of the game and role and responsibility of the umpire. It focuses on the 5 C’s of umpiring Communication; Control; Consistent; Confident and Common Sense.

  1. National C Umpire Award

Course is practically based, but includes 3 hours of theory, a Written Exam; Practical Skills, Pre-assessment and final Assessment. All learners are observed for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes, on a good standard of game, by a minimum of 2 accredited C Award Assessors.

Candidates for ‘C’ Badges should possess control, reasonably umpire the minor infringements, penalise all

obvious contacts and obstruction and display knowledge of the Advantage Rule.

All learners are required to reach the required level on the multi-stage fitness test (BEEP test) within 6 weeks prior to their practical assessment.


  • Communication and Protocols
  • Positioning and Timing
  • Vision
  • Minor infringements (Including footwork and playing the ball rules)
  • Contact
  • Obstruction
  • Advantage
  • Game Management
  • National C Award Umpires for Switzerland

Helen Ashton Lausanne

Emma Coulsen Nyon

Karen Dalzell Nyon

Ruth Hogland GIN

Peta Samios Zug

Kris Varnum Zug

Lorna Retting Zurich

Gillian Towns Zurich

  • International Netball Federation (INF)  Fitness Standard for Umpires

C Award Level 5.1

B Award Level 6.1

A Award Level 7.1

International Level 9.1

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