Netball is back! Bring a friend

Hello Netballers,

This week we return to training so cut your nails, dust off that kit, and get ready for some Netty!


We are starting back on the 20th of August in Zug. We will be training from 7.30pm-9.30pm since we now have a better time slot! We invite ALL members to come along to the next two weeks in Zug because for the first two weeks of the season we will only have Wednesday night training.

Thursday nights at Oberaergri will start again on the 4th of September (STV’s ruling not ours). We will start back on Thursday 4th of September at 6.45pm.

This season we are going to have ‘Doodle’s’ each week so the Coaches have a better idea of how many people are coming along to training. Please sign up for either Wednesday or Thursday nights or both! If you are available to umpire please write your name and then in brackets umpire ie Fiona (umpire).

Please sign here if you are coming to our first training back on the 20th of August:

Please bring a friend along to training! The more the merrier.

We have listed below some important dates for you to put into your diary for the upcoming season:

Peppermill Tournament (Swiss inter-club tournament to be held in Zurich)

15th November

Swiss National Team Training

23/24 Aug – Kanton Schule 9 – 5
8/9 Nov – Kanton Schule 9 – 5
14/15 March 2015 – Kanton Schule 9 – 5

Junior Cadre

8/9 Nov – Kanton Schule 9 – 5

Swiss National Junior Tournament

30/31 May – Bossard Arena 8 – 7

We’re looking forward to seeing you all next week,
Netball Zug



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