Netball Zug for the next two weeks

Netball Zug training will be held next week in Oberägeri on Thursday the 23rd of May.

However due to other commitments we won’t be able to run Netball in Zug on the 22nd & 29th of May and due to the Public Holiday on the 30th of June, Netball won’t be happening in Oberägeri that Thursday night.

23rd of May = Netball in Oberägeri

22nd of May/29th of May/30th of May = No Netball



In addition to normal training on Thursday night  (23rd)we have offered an invite to the Zurich Club again for some extra play. This is to help out the Swiss National players. Could you please let us know on this doodle whether or not you can stay around to play until 9pm?

After training we’d also like to invite everyone for a social drink. We will be going to the Seminar Hotel in Unterägeri. If anyone needs a lift back to the Zug train station afterwards, Fiona or Peta can give you a lift.


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